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Spring Equipment Preparation

Toro recycler deck under

After your equipment has been stored all winter, you should take your machine(s) to a local dealer for any needed maintenance or repairs before using it d… Read more »

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What is a Soil Amendment?

Amend soil

Adding a soil amendment… Read more », also called a soil conditioner, helps improve plant growth and health.  The type of amendment or amendments added depends on t

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Plant Disease Cycle

Identifying Lawn Diseases

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Photo Credit: University of Missouri
Fortunately, it takes more than the presence of pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms) to bring on infecti

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The Origin of "Fairy Ring"


Photo by Dr. Van Cline, Agronomist, The Toro Company… Read more »
The term “fairy ring” dates back to 1599 and comes from the folk belief that the rings we

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Dust, Not Just for the Birds!

Golden pheasant

The birds reveling in the backyard dust know what they are doing.  Finely ground particles in such dust baths damage the exoskeletons of bothersome ins… Read more »

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Not All Weeds are Bad

White Clover - not all weeds are bad

Weeds are survivors designed to live in conditions that do not favor most other plants.  However, a “weed” is not always bad.  White clover, once c… Read more »

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Lawn Gallery

Lawn envy

Do you have a lawn that you’re proud of? Isn’t it time the world heard about it?
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